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UPAAS in it’s annual tradition of bringing the spirit of Christmas to a target group of kids will proceed with “Pamaskong Pambata 2016″ in partnership with the Philippine General Hospital – Children’s Ward, happening on Dec. 27 2-4pm

We invite everyone to participate/contribute in any of the following ways:

1) pledge of any amount/items to be given to the kids (we’re targeting to provide food and distribute gifts to them)

2) if you happen to be in Manila, join us as volunteers in conducting a short programme and distribution. We’ll also need some hand in the preparations.

Thank you! Please send us a message if you need more info.

Pamaskong Pambata 2014

Pamaskong Pambata 2014 – Labney Elementary School, Tarlac

Last December, the UPAAS Pamaskong Pambata was held at Labney Elementary School in Western Tarlac. Labney is a mountainous community of 276 households. With the help of our friends from the Tarlac Mountaineering Club (TMC), our partner organization, UPAAS has brought happiness not just to the children of Labney, but to the whole community.

UPAAS would like to thank the Tarlac Mountaineering Club who did the legwork (literally) and for being our partner in this project. Special thanks to Philippine National Bank (PNB) Singapore for their generous donation and to everyone who shared their blessings. Mabuhay kayong lahat!

Here’s Denise’s recap of the event:

The UP Pamaskong Pambata went to the mountain village of Labney in Mayantoc, Tarlac last December 29, 2014. For this year’s outreach, we partnered with the Tarlac Mountaineering Club (TMC) for the logistics. Labney is the westernmost village of Tarlac, bordering Zambales province. It is one of the remote villages adopted by the TMC for their outreach program called Lahat Mag-aaral Program. The community of Labney has around 276 households, which mainly subsist on planting (rice, sweet potato and other root crops), charcoal-making, hunting and fishing. The men derive additional income by guiding mountaineers and tourists around the mountains. Labney is also the entry-point to the 6-day extreme eco-trail (hiking) called Tarlac Super Loop, that spans 4 mountain peaks- 3 in Tarlac and 1 in Zambales.

The site of our outreach activity was the Labney Elementary School. To reach the village, it takes a 45-minute trip from Tarlac City to Mayantoc town, then another 2 hours to Labney, passing by large areas of rice fields and unpaved zigzagging roads going uphill. TMC coordinated with the Tarlac Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (PDRRMC) to provide us with a truck to transport the supplies until Mayantoc and then we transferred to a bigger truck to go up to Labney. I joined TMC members (including my brother, sister-in-law and nephew) and two teachers from the elementary school, as UPAAS representative.

A few weeks earlier, we had asked the teachers to send us a wish-list of items that were much needed by the students: stackable chairs and tables for the kinder students and chairs for the grades 4-6 pupils, ventilation for the classrooms, and school supplies. UPAAS gave first aid kits, electric fans, toys for the kinder to grade 3 kids, and school supplies to the grade 4 to 6 students. TMC provided 24 sheets of corrugated iron to replace the leaking school building roof. They also brought Monobloc chairs and tables.

The village is so remote that the teachers only go home to their families on weekends. From Sunday night to Thursday night, they share a small, dark room with a double deck bed and dirt floor behind the principal’s office. The only toilet and bath with running water is beside the principal’s office, which they were proud to offer to guests like us.

We wanted to stretch our budget and share the meryenda with the community instead of only with the students, so we did not get a caterer to prepare food packs. Instead, we bought ingredients like fresh produce from the market and we cooked special thick macaroni soup on site, with the help of women volunteers from the community. Two of the fathers helped prepare several containers of orange juice.

While we were preparing the food, a few fathers installed the new roof above the kinder classroom. The old roof was so rusty and riddled with holes that a little amount of rain ended up in puddles inside the classrooms. A senior TMC member also provided a short training session to the teacher who will be in charge as first-aid provider in the school.

We had a short program where UPAAS was introduced as an association of UP graduates which has projects to help fellow Filipinos in Singapore and in the Philippines. The host mentioned that the ates and kuyas who sent the supplies also graduated from a public school so they would be encouraged to keep studying so in the future they can, in turn, help other young Filipinos to stay in school. The school principal Sir Jonathan and two teachers were on hand to receive the donations. After the children received their toys and school supplies, everyone shared in the simple food, including the parents and school staff.

We would have wanted to stay longer but we needed to leave before it got dark as it was not safe to drive down the single lane zigzag roads in the dark. In the study of sociology of donating or aid, there are some who say that donations do not work as it promotes dependency on the part of the recipients. In this case I did not see any evidence of that, but they are not proud to accept help either. The villagers were organized, they each contributed to make the day a success, and made us feel welcome like friends, which was more than we could have asked for.

More pictures can be found in our Flickr site. Photos courtesy of Dax Simbol.

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2014 Lovni poster _v2

“Pakiusap” (Plea) An exclusive one-night performance by Ms Adolovni Acosta

“Pakiusap” (Plea)

An exclusive one-night performance by Ms Adolovni Acosta

Date:   Monday, 27th January 2014

Time:   7:30PM (registration starts at 6:30PM)

Place:  Play Den @ The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane Singapore 179429

Attire: Semi-Formal


Lovni, as she is fondly called, is a UP alumna herself and a graduate of the prestigious Juilliard School of Music in New York.  She has been hailed by the international press for her outstanding musicianship and her keyboard prowess that evokes intensity and grace. The classical pianist is making a second brief visit to Singapore this January for an exclusive performance, again, to support the UPAAS scholarship Program.

We hope you will take this opportunity to watch and listen to one of the world’s notable concert pianists, whilst helping another young and bright student have access to the best education in the country.

A generous donation will be very much welcome. Indeed, a donation of S$100 will go a long way. This will fund a one year of book allowance or one semester of transportation and miscellaneous allowance. S$200 will finance a semester of school fees, while one semester of monthly allowance is S$500 only.

Kindly RSVP here and let us know if you can join us on this special night.  Seats are limited so please reserve your place now.

You may also email if you have any query.

Get a copy of Metro Cuisine for the holidays and give our Iskolars a fighting chance!

UP Alumni Association (Singapore) will be offering Metro Cuisine at special prices for the Christmas season.

Every copy bought helps a UPAAS scholar through college.

Get your Metro Cuisine now!

Metro Cuisine and the UPAAS Endowment Fund for Education

Copies are sold per piece or in bulk. We are open to corporate purchases.

Prices for softbound copies:
a) $30 per piece for 1 copy bought at a time
b) $25 each for every 2 copies bought at a time
c) $20 each for every purchase of minimum 5 pieces at a time
d) $15 for every purchase of minimum 10 pieces at a time
e) $ 10 for every purchase of minimum 30 pieces at a time

Prices for hardbound: $40 each copy, no bulk discount

For pre-orders, requests for quotation for corporate purchases, or other inquiries, please email windelupaas[at]gmail[dot]com with subject METRO CUISINE.

Copies are also available at:
Orchard Road, look for Cristy (Xty) Vicentina (HP: 91765800), Treasury Chief Dealer, PNB – Singapore, Unit 03-02/07 Lucky Plaza Shopping Centre;
NUS Coop at the National University of Singapore

Payments for bulk purchases may be made to:
Account name: University of the Philippines Alumni Association (Singapore)
Bank: Standard Chartered Bank Tampines Branch
Account No. 4200007591(for ibanking: bank code 7144 / branch code 042)


Scholarship Committee, University of the Philippines Alumni Association (Singapore)

How can you help the UPAAS Scholarship program?

  1. Join the Scholarship Committee.
  2. Donate to the UPAAS Scholarship Fund.
  3. Get a copy of Metro Cuisine at only SGD30. Proceeds go to the Endowment Fund for the UPAAS Scholarship program. >> Read more about it.
  4. Visit and read about UPAAS activities that you might want to participate in.

For more info, email windelupaas[at]gmail[dot]com.

Pamaskong Pambata

The UPAAS Pamaskong Pambata went to the barangays of San Nicolas, Magalang, Pampanga on 28 December 2010. 50 children, aged 4-7 years old, were gathered at the Little Flower Child Center in downtown Magalang. This was coordinated by our partner, the Sigma Delta Pi (SDP) Sorority of UP Pampanga.

The hosts from Jollibee Dau started the program with games, in which the UP Alumni and SDP members also participated (UP Alumni won!). Jollibee kiddie meals were served, after which the kids were treated to the appearance of the Jollibee mascot, who danced and went around for several photo-ops with the kids. Syempre hindi nagpahuli ang big kids ng UP Alumni sa pagpapa-picture with Jollibee. Individual goodie bags with basic toiletries were handed out to the kids at the end of the program. A big thank you to members who showed up to support the org: Joni and her whole family (minus Paolo), Olive and Martin, Pamaskong Pambata annual attendees and benefactors Jason Rey Santos, Mark Yu and Oliver Pasco.

Pamaskong Pang-Lolo at Lola

The following day, 29 December, it was the turn of the lolos and lolas of the Cradle of the Golden Sun home for the aged in Alcala Pangasinan. It is a registered and licensed shelter for older people, 60 years old and above. When I told my sister that we still have some money (a lot actually!) left over from the Pamaskong Pambata, she immediately suggested this home. She has been a volunteer of this home for the last three years, looking for benefactors among family and friends.

There are 16 lolos and lolas currently living in the home, a set of converted elementary school classrooms, about 10 minutes from the town center. The home is managed by Vanessa, a registered nurse, and two staff. One classroom holds the ladies’ dorm and another classroom has the men’s dorm. Each person has a single bed and a small cabinet and all the other facilities like the dining area, garden and open hall, are shared by everyone. The staff live in another converted classroom.

While we were in the grocery store buying supplies for the home, my sister mentioned one of their most urgent need is a washing machine. Only two lolas are able to help do the laundry and they willingly help do the washing for the other residents. But on rainy days and when arthritis attack, clothes washing cannot be done at all. I told my sister, yes we have enough for a washing machine! When my sister called Vanessa to ask her if they would like to have a washing machine, hindi na nakasagot si Vanessa kasi tumatalon na daw sya sa tuwa.

With the money left over from the donations, we were able to buy a 6kg washing machine and spin-dryer, 5 sacks of rice, biscuits, adult diapers and personal toiletry items. Since they rely on donations only, they were very happy to see the rice sacks, as one sack can last them up to 15 days only.

The residents graciously received us in their hall, where they sit all day if they cannot tend to their vegetable garden. One lola entertained us by singing Manang Biday and Bahay Kubo. Some of the lolas were glad to have someone to talk to and I learned some of the sad stories that brought them to this shelter. Some of the residents were too weak to go out that day and we found them lying on their beds in the dorms. One lola was from the Visayas and she enjoyed exchanging a few words of Cebuano with one of my sisters who lived in Cebu for a year.

When we said goodbye, one of the lolas said she hoped she will see us again but she knew we could not promise. Some of the original residents have passed away through the years that my sister has been volunteering, some faces we probably will not see in our next visit. But for one afternoon, and the next few weeks, the UPAAS has contributed to making what is left of their lives a little easier.

Pamaskong Pambata Part 2

The DSWD Lingap Centers in Tarlac are in two separate buildings. The girls’ home is in Tarlac City, just behind the Provincial Hospital. The boys’ home is in San Juan de Mata town, just along the main highway. The centers take care of former streetchildren, abandoned and abused boys and girls aged 7-16 years old. The children come from all over central Luzon, from the provinces of Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, Tarlac, Pampanga, Zambales and Pangasinan.

When I called to ask if we could donate clothes, toys and books for younger children, I was told they don’t take care of children below 7 anymore. But they do hold these kids in the Lingap Center for a few days while waiting to be transferred to another regional Lingap Center for 0-7 years old and I was told that they do need clothes and toys. So Winnie’s donations of clothes and toys for girls below 7 years old were gratefully accepted at the girls’ home. A majority of the residents in the girls’ home have disabilities that necessitate special care which their poor families cannot afford, some have been abandoned or abused by their families.

The rest of the donations went to the boys’ home. One of the house parents, Mr Antonio Ancheta, received us and he was very thankful for the clothes and books. He mentioned that the house parents would like to teach basic reading to the boys who do not go to school and the books will be helpful for beginner readers. The home has around 30 boys living in the home, with 15 of them in the 7-10 age range. Some are abused or abandoned and some are former street children. There are a few children who are involved in custody cases so it was not allowed to take photos of any of them.

I learned that the children have a food subsidy from the government of P45 per person per day. This is supplemented by regular donations of rice from a furniture shop in the city. Mr Ancheta said their biggest need are benefactors for the boys who would like to go to school but cannot afford the jeepney fare and lunch money, an average of P2,500 per month. Usually, the home can ask the schools like the Tarlac College of Agriculture and the Tarlac State University to waive all or some of the school fees. If the boys do not want to go to school, they are assisted in looking for employers so they can continue to live in a dignified and honest way. Mr Ancheta was happy to recount that there are one or two former residents who are now gainfully employed, who come back to say thank you to the house parents and help out as benefactors to some of the boys. We all have our own ways to give back, in a small way or more generous ways, we are all blessed when we share. The Pamaskong Pambata organisers would like to thank all members who gave and continue to give to our programs for our kababayans. Here’s to a better year for us, our families and the Philippines!

Metro Cuisine: Cosmopolitan Finger Foods

Metro Cuisine: Cosmopolitan Finger Foods is a colourful, flavoursome and unique recipe book that reflects the present day cosmopolitan Filipino who retains his cultural roots while embracing the enriching influences brought by other cultures.

It showcases the vibrant Filipino food culture that brings nourishment to the body, mind, heart and soul. It also embodies the harmonious working relationship of Filipinos and Singaporeans.

Created and spearheaded primarily by a group of Filipinos residing in Singapore, this recipe book came to fruition because of the generous funding from the Lee Foundation and the availability of the expertise of two prominent Singaporeans. Mr Goh Eck Kheng (publisher and book designer) and Mr Christopher Tan (food writer and consultant) contributed their time, talent and technical know-how to champion the Filipino culture and character through food.

This recipe book, which was more than two years in the making, features 65 finger food recipes that were contributed by UP alumni members, Filipino dignitaries, Singaporean friends and friends from various countries, from the Filipino Muslim Converts of Singapore and from one of the many overseas domestic Filipino workers here. This list of contributors presents a full circle of the levels of cooperation that cut across cultures, organisations, sectors, religions and nations.

Metro Cuisine was launched on Aug 27 2009 in partnership with the Philippine Embassy in Singapore and the Singapore Art Museum. It is also one of the official activities commemorating the 40 years of diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Singapore.

The proceeds from the sponsorships and donations with the book as a token, are dedicated to the UPAAS Endowment Fund for Education, as part of its scholarship programme. The programme is on its fourth year, and has just awarded its 4th UPAAS scholar taking up full-time our-year undergraduate degree course by providing tuition and stipend. Scholarship funding has largely been raised from donations of members and friends of the organisation.

The Endowment Fund aims to support four (4) UP students in any UP Campus at any given time. This is in line with UPAAS objective of supporting the University of the Philippines’ vital role in the development of the Philippine society and the Filipino nation while contributing to sustainable poverty alleviation initiatives in our country.

The Endowment Fund will assure the sustainability and stability of the UPAAS Scholarship Programme that is being administered by UP Office of Students and Scholarship Services, and provides tuition and stipend to the poorest of the poor students at UP. This fund, UPAAS’ way of giving back to the country and Philippine community, is also a small but constant contribution to meet the previously stated objectives.

Email Metro Cuisine: Cosmopolitan Finger Foods order form to
The book is also available at PNB (3rd Floor, Lucky Plaza). Look for Cristy or Jonnel.

The speech delivered by the guest speaker, Mr. Michael Koh, Chief Executive of Singapore National Heritage Board during the book launching of the Metro Cuisine: Cosmopolitan Finger Foods.


  • Lee Foundation
  • Cardinal Porcelain Philippines
  • Philippine National Bank
  • Manny Baldemor
  • Singapore Art Museum
  • Bank Julius Baer
  • Mrs Josefina R Pulido
  • Mr & Mrs Jose Perdigon
  • Photography by Giovanni Odal

The 1st Mutya ng Pilipinas- Singapore crowned!

Mutya ng Pilipinas Singapore 2009 Winners

June 13 was a very exciting day – and a memorable one , as the very 1st Mutya ng Pilipinas-Singapore was crowned that night. Miss Hannah Christine Pichay, 18 and a final year student at Ngee Ann Poly, won the coveted title and will represent Singapore in the Mutya pageant on August 9 in Baler, Aurora, Quezon. The First Runner-Up is Krizzel Lacsamana, also 18, and taking up tourism management.

It was a successful event, with many people – both Filipinos and Singaporeans, crowding the Plaza Singapura atrium. All the candidates had their own group of fans screaming their names and supporting them. It was a fun night, and a glamourous one as well!

Thank you so much to all the members and non-members alike who volunteered their time and expertise in making this event a reality and a success. The organizing team led by Marc Z, Denise and Joni, had been working hard on this project since early this year. Despite the short preparation period, the tight budget, and frantic last minute practices, it was conducted seamlessly and concluded successfully.

We hope we continue to have lots of support and cheers as well as advice, guidance and encouragement from every member and friend of UPAAS. We have a few projects and events lined up – both small and big, so, sana po mag tulong-tulongan tayong lahat para sa UPAAS at para sa kapwa Pinoy.

Madaming madaming salamat po sa inyong lahat!

Special thanks to our partners and supporters who made this event possible:

Mutya ng Pilipinas Singapore 2009 Sponsors

Mutya ng Pilipinas Singapore 2009

Who will be the

1st Mutya ng Pilipinas – Singapore 2009?

You could be if you are:

  • A single woman and never been married
  • At least a high school graduate
  • At least 5’5″ tall
  • 18 to 25 years of age, inclusive of both
  • Of good moral character
  • Of Filipino ancestry with at least 1 pure
    Filipino grandparent in your direct or
    maternal bloodline
For application forms:
  Organized by:  
email Denise Simbol at

or visit PNB, 3rd floor, Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road

    in coordination with:  
Deadline for submission of application: May 30, 2009

Date of audition: June 6, 2009

Date of pageant: June 13, 2009

    & in partnership with:  
    Philippine Country Fair,
Department of Tourism,
& Pinoy Village Magazine

Download Application Form

Pamaskong Pambata 2008

Ang Pamaskong Pambata ay taunang programang handog ng UPAAS para sa mga kabataan sa Pilipinas. Isa itong simpleng Christmas Party kung saan may kainan, konting palaro at regalo para sa mga bata.
Ngayong taon, ito ay gaganapin sa National Children’s Hospital kasama ang mga batang may malulubhang karamdaman at nararatay sa tatlong wards ng ospital: Hematology (leukemia and other blood-related diseases), Cardio-Nephro (heart and kidney diseases), and Oncology (yung may mga cancer).
Ang iba pang mga detalye para sa mga nais pumunta at makilahok:
Pamaskong Pambata 2008
December 27, 2008
2:00 – 4:00 PM
National Children’s Hospital, Level 4 (malapit sa St. Luke’s)
Contact Person: Lester Ordan (+63-0915-539- 8284)
Sa mga nais tumulong sa pamamagitan ng donasyon, o sa mga dadalo sa Dec 27, makipag-ugnayan lamang po kay Ka Tong Bejo: (+65-91881146) / gilbertbejo@

Seven Filipino Modernists Come to Singapore for Charity

...with strong conceptualist approaches to painting and art making come together to benefit three scholarship funds

By: Ronald Achacoso, Loida Corpus, Minnie Lau and Marc Zara

The University of the Philippines Alumni Association ( Singapore ) (UPAAS) , together with the Philippine Bayanihan Society (PBS) and the School of Economics of the Singapore Management University (SOE-SMU) will be undertaking an Art Exhibit on Philippine Modernist Paintings. This is to generate funds supporting their scholarship programs.
The Art Exhibit is scheduled for October 10-22, 2008 at the Singapore Management University Gallery, aptly coinciding with Singapore ’s prime venue for showcasing Asian Modern Art to the world – the Singapore Biennale 2008. The Art Exhibit will consist of a collection of paintings specially executed for this exhibit by post-modernists:

  • Ronald Achacoso
  • Juan Alcazaren
  • Annie Cabigting
  • Nilo Ilarde (also curator for this exhibit)
  • Elaine Roberto-Navas
  • Bernardo Pacquing and
  • Crispin S. Villanueva Jr.

More information on the artists’ background are available here.

Filipino artists are globally known for their work and talent. With the growing presence of Filipinos in Singapore it is timely that the land of many talents share some of the works. For more than 20 years, these seven artists have actively pursued their calling, displaying individually and as a group, a number of ground breaking and influential exhibitions. The exhibit has no title in order to gain a much more inner view into each individual artist’s expression of post-modern art. Each artist will be designating an artwork that will be offered for auction.

Examples are Painting by Numbers, Fear and Desire (Cultural Center of the Philippines, Main Gallery) and Guilty Pleasures, Cracks and Abysses, Dangerous Metaphors (Art Center in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila).

The artists are all alumni of the premiere University of the Philippines (UP) and they will be exhibiting together for the first time in Singapore. This is in the spirit of the centennial anniversary of UP, which was established in 1908, and in the spirit of giving back to society.

Three Singapore registered organizations are the beneficiaries of the proceeds from the sale for these art works. They are the University of the Philippines Alumni Association (Singapore) Endowment Fund for Education (UPAAS-EFE) , the Philippine Bayanihan Society (PBS) and the SMU-School of Economics Scholarship Fund.

All artworks will be available for preview on October 9, 2008 while the exhibit officially opens on October 10, 2008 at 7:00 pm . The Auction begins at 7:30 pm. The exhibit will run until October 22, 2008. The exhibit dates also aptly coincide with Singapore’s prime venue that showcases Asian Modern Art to the world – the Singapore Biennale 2008.
All seven artists will be present at the opening of the exhibit and auction (October 10, 2008).

There will also be a pre-selling of the artworks. Venue of the exhibit is:

Singapore Management University Gallery
90 Stamford Road
Singapore 178903

Sponsors for this Exhibit are:

Major Sponsor

Minor Sponsors

Singapore Management University
PenTravel & Tours Singapore Pte Ltd

For more details please contact:

For Singapore:

Loida Corpus: +65 91770133
Marc Zara: + 65 81224581

For the Philippines:

Hubert San Juan: +63 917 8974101