UPAAS Oblation Talks: Personal Insights into Entrepreneurship

UPAAS Oblation Talks: Personal Insights into Entrepreneurship

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The UPAAS Professional Development talk, “Personal Insights into Entrepreneurship”, was held on 30 Jul 2015. The speakers were Ninalyn Cacananta and Jess Emerson Uy. The event sponsor was Philippine National Bank – Singapore. The event was attended by about 43 professionals, most of which were UPAAS members.

Ninalyn Cacananta is a Philippines Certified Public Accountant who worked for more than eight years on various accounting and administrative job functions. She founded NASC-Global, a business services company that provides administrative, human resource and accounting support to small and medium enterprises. She talked about the beginnings of her entrepreneurship journey via freelance work. It was facilitated by a global freelancing platform. She then expounded on the actual procedure of setting up a company in Singapore.

Jess Emerson Uy is an independent wealth manager who specializes in global investments. As a finance speaker and coach, he conducts investment seminars in Singapore, the Philippines, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. He talked about his previous venture in a retail business for pre-paid mobile phone credit loading. He also talked about the advantages and differentiation of an independent wealth advisor.

The last section was a Q&A forum for both speakers. A question was posed to Ninalyn regarding her first clients and funding. Her early clients were from pre-existing contacts. The company was entirely self-funded. Jess described the financial products that are presently available in the market: from stocks to derivatives.

The program officially ended after the awarding of the certificates of appreciation to the speakers. A short networking session over some refreshments followed thereafter.

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