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Get a copy of Metro Cuisine for the holidays and give our Iskolars a fighting chance!

UP Alumni Association (Singapore) will be offering Metro Cuisine at special prices for the Christmas season.

Every copy bought helps a UPAAS scholar through college.

Get your Metro Cuisine now!

Metro Cuisine and the UPAAS Endowment Fund for Education

Copies are sold per piece or in bulk. We are open to corporate purchases.

Prices for softbound copies:
a) $30 per piece for 1 copy bought at a time
b) $25 each for every 2 copies bought at a time
c) $20 each for every purchase of minimum 5 pieces at a time
d) $15 for every purchase of minimum 10 pieces at a time
e) $ 10 for every purchase of minimum 30 pieces at a time

Prices for hardbound: $40 each copy, no bulk discount

For pre-orders, requests for quotation for corporate purchases, or other inquiries, please email windelupaas[at]gmail[dot]com with subject METRO CUISINE.

Copies are also available at:
Orchard Road, look for Cristy (Xty) Vicentina (HP: 91765800), Treasury Chief Dealer, PNB – Singapore, Unit 03-02/07 Lucky Plaza Shopping Centre;
NUS Coop at the National University of Singapore

Payments for bulk purchases may be made to:
Account name: University of the Philippines Alumni Association (Singapore)
Bank: Standard Chartered Bank Tampines Branch
Account No. 4200007591(for ibanking: bank code 7144 / branch code 042)


Scholarship Committee, University of the Philippines Alumni Association (Singapore)

How can you help the UPAAS Scholarship program?

  1. Join the Scholarship Committee.
  2. Donate to the UPAAS Scholarship Fund.
  3. Get a copy of Metro Cuisine at only SGD30. Proceeds go to the Endowment Fund for the UPAAS Scholarship program. >> Read more about it.
  4. Visit upaas.org and read about UPAAS activities that you might want to participate in.

For more info, email windelupaas[at]gmail[dot]com.