70-463 question 30 discussion


You are creating a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package that implements a
Type 3 Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD).
You need to add a task or component to the package that allows you to implement the
SCD logic.
What should you use?

  • A. a Data Conversion component
  • B. an Execute SQL task that executes a MERGE statement on the database
  • C. a Merge component
  • D. an Expression task
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The explanation seems to be emphasize on type 1and type 2. Can we get an explanation on why choose a Merge Component for type 3?


By merge statement they mean the with merge statement so it has more than one path , on match, on not matched -hope this helps.


correct answer is B, as the question asks for "A" component or task. --merge component can save old value and new value but it will generate two rows. so an extra step needs to do to group two rows. --execute sql Merge function supports WHEN MATCHED AND (...) clause to save old value and new value into different columns