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Your network contains an Active Directory forest named contoso.com.
The forest contains two domains named contoso.com and childl.contoso.com.
The domains contain three domain controllers.
The domain controllers are configured as shown in the following table.
You need to ensure that the KDC support for claims, compound authentication, and
Kerberos armoring setting is enforced in both domains.
Which two actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
Choose two.)

  • A. Raise the domain functional level of contoso.com.
  • B. Raise the domain functional level ofchildl.contoso.com
  • C. Raise the forest functional level of contoso.com
  • D. Upgrade DC11 to Windows Server 2012 R2
  • E. Upgrade DC1 to Windows Server 2012 R2
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Unable to answer since table is missing in text.


Can someone share the table please?