SY0-401 question 92 discussion


An auditor is given access to a conference room to conduct an analysis. When they
connect their laptops Ethernet cable into the wall jack, they are not able to get a
connection to the Internet but have a link light. Which of the following is MOST likely
causing this issue?

  • A. Ethernet cable is damaged
  • B. The host firewall is set to disallow outbound connections
  • C. Network Access Control
  • D. The switch port is administratively shutdown
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Is C really the answer here? My response was 'B'.


'B' would affect anyone using the network, not just guests like the auditor. Being authorized by NAC ensures only approved accounts can access the network.


Then they shouldn't be using the pronoun "They" in the question. This is a mis-direction that everyone with a laptop cannot gain access, not just the auditor.


yeah agree with Farside. They is distracting and changes meaning


Farside, the use of the word, "They," I believe is a way to make the use of the word, "auditor," sound gender-neutral. No use of "he" or "she" is used. Yes, it can be confusing when you read "they," instead of using "he" or "she." Still, one should focus on the auditor having problems. If the question said regular staff were having problems connecting (and the word, "they," could mean), that would change the nature of the technical problem. Just be prepared for this same language on the real exam.