UPAAS Mancom for 2020-21!

UPAAS Mancom for 2020-21!

Congratulations to UPAAS as we will be led by another highly driven and motivated team of members comprising this year’s Management Committee! COVID lang yan! UPAAS tayo!

UPAAS Management Committee 2020-21

President: Jennel Santillan-Saludades

Vice President: Krisanto Mossegeld Bibal

Secretary: Precious Nakpil

Asst. Secretary: Lucille Simbol

Treasurer: Ermon Jae Magno

Asst. Treasurer: Janelle Lim-Kanna

Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs

Membership: Krisanto Mossegeld Bibal (Head); Evelyn Cortes

Scholarship: Janelle Lim-Kanna (Head); Jefferson Millama

Socials: Frederick Matibag (Head); John III Rosado

Personal and Professional Development: Evelyn Cortes (Head); Jonathan Montales

Externals and Outreach: John III Rosado (Head); Laura Kelly

Public Relations and Media: McRhon Banderlipe I (Head); Melinda Ilagan

(*Elected during the 2020-21 1st Mancom Meeting, 26 Sept 2020, via Zoom)