UPAAS Participate in BAYANIHAN (Virtual) WALK 2021

UPAAS Participate in BAYANIHAN (Virtual) WALK 2021

On Life’s advice, there’s “one step at a time”. On character, there’s “walk the talk”.  In song, there’s “walk like an Egyptian”.  And in film, there’s “come, let’s take a walk.”  

The University of the Philippines Alumni Association Singapore (UPAAS) took part in a 2-month virtual walk of the Philippine Bayanihan Society Singapore (PBSS) and Philippine Embassy of Singapore from March to April in Bayanihan Walk 2021 (BW21).  Yearly, Filipino organizations would say before they embark to the iconic walk: “Tara na, mag-Bayanihan Walk na!” – calling out to the Filipino Community in Singapore to walk together for the cause of community integration here in Singapore.

Singapore, having various green spaces amidst its cityscape – 350 parks and 4 natural reserves, UPAAS took its first 3 steps in BW21 to explore the following walk routes:

March 13, Hort Park to Mount Faber Sunrise Walk, 6 kilometers. From the themed gardens of Hort Park, two groups of 8’s traversed the connecting overhead boardwalks to Mount Faber, one of the oldest parks in Singapore covered by a secondary rainforest.  A cablecar ride is the usual attraction on Mount Faber’s summit – we walked away, walked down it’s slope, and enjoyed a simple refreshing break together at a walk-end’s hawker.

“UPAAS is very much part of the Filipino community in Singapore.  In BW21, we see the Filipino bayanihan spirit coming alive.  Certainly a privilege for me to participate in this meaningful activity!”                                                                             

                                                                                                                                                            – Portia Ho

March 27, East Coast Park Sunset Walk, 10 kilometers. East Coast Park is the “Recreation For All” park of Singapore.  Of the myriad of activities to do in this 15km coastline, our group of 8 walked 10kms of it, passing thru bikers, joggers, playgrounds, barbeque pits, food places, campsites, photographers, watersports, beach volleyball, kite-flying, frisbee-play to name a few.  Best at the end of this long walk, was a table at Satay by the Bay to reward our gastronomic appetites – for that good walk with new friends. 

“The Bayanihan walk was one of the best way to bond with each other during the pandemic!  We are indeed with everyone!”  – Mary Ann Chua

April 17, Pasir Ris Park Walk, 7 kilometers.  Two most interesting finds in this particular walk was the Mangrove Boardwalk and the three-storey Bird Watching Tower within the mangrove forest.  And then just before it began to rain, we had a good and long breakfast meal at George’s @ The Cove.  Long – because after a long walk, we engaged in long talks, while we wait for the rain to stop.  

“I always look forward to walking, especially with UPAAS friends.  We used to walk on Saturday mornings at different places in Singapore.  It’s the easiest exercise and the easiest bonding opportunity, and to see other parts of Singapore as well.  Sometimes, ideas for projects get mooted and even confirmed during a walk.  – Minnie Lau  

4 down, 346 to go.  That’s a lot of good walks together.  That’s a lot of good talks together.  “Come, let’s take a walk.”