Unveiling the UPAAS Oblation Awards

Unveiling the UPAAS Oblation Awards

🌟 Exciting News! πŸ† Join us for the 20th Anniversary celebration of the University of the Philippines Alumni Singapore (UPAAS) on December 2, 2023, where we will be unveiling the UPAAS Oblation Awards! πŸŽ‰

πŸ… The UPAAS Oblation Awards are dedicated to honoring UP alumni and partners who have truly shone in their fields, made significant contributions to community projects, and supported UPAAS programs. These awards recognize the individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to UPAAS’ noble social causes. 🀝

🌠 Here are the categories:
1️⃣ UPAAS Oblation Award – Outstanding Alumni
2️⃣ UPAAS Oblation Award – Esteemed Partner (Corporate)

The UPAAS Oblation Awards Committee, composed of Management Committee Officers and Advisers/Past Presidents, has meticulously selected the deserving recipients for these prestigious awards. 🀝

πŸ† What makes these awards even more special? The trophies are handcrafted with love and precision by our Katutubos from Mindanao. Each trophy is a unique work of art, specially created for the UPAAS Oblation Awards. 🎨

These awards are more than just trophies; they’re symbols of excellence, dedication, and the spirit of giving back. We hope that this recognition will inspire all UPAAS members and partners to continue striving for excellence and using their talents, skills, and resources to create a positive impact on our community.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the grand event! Let’s celebrate the accomplishments of our fellow alumni and partners, and be inspired to make our own mark on the world. 🌍 Register now through the official event website: https://bente.upaas.org/. See you there!