Ka-Peyups, Umarangkada sa UPAAS Alumnite 2019!

Ka-Peyups, Umarangkada sa UPAAS Alumnite 2019!

by Laura Kelly

It is that time of the year again. “AlumNITE”, a membership drive celebrating the lifeblood of the UPAAS was held last 6th of June 2019 from 7:00-9:30 p.m. at the El Mesa by Octapas, located at one of Singapore’s central spots in Clarke Quay. This year’s theme highlighted the 50 years of Singapore-Philippine partnership while bringing the UP community in Singapore together in a night of delicious Filipino dishes, fun games, and socializing.

UPAAS Mancom 2019-2020 Members

The highlight of the occasion was when the Management Committee (Mancom) presented to the members and newcomers alike about the UPAAS scholarship updates and the upcoming outreach and social activities. Each committee head prepared brief presentations while sharing meals and laughing all about the fun times in UP. 

There was also a “Human Bingo” game which relived UP memories and life in the campuses which encouraged audience interaction. Nearly forty (40) attendees participated in the fun, bringing the house down and energy level high! Exciting prizes were given such as UP shirts, vouchers, and tumblers to reward winners, whereas others donated to the scholarship drive. Special thanks to the generous members and prize sponsors.

UPAAS Members — old and new, as well as fresh alumni faces, graced the event

Almost twenty (20) newcomers attended with almost half expressing their intention to join UPAAS, with the hopes of increasing member count and engagements. The future is bright, the passion to serve was ignited, and the beneficiaries are beyond grateful; and yet once more, UPAAS provided a venue to make a difference.

Full house!

If you have the ideals, the capacity, and the heart, UPAAS wants you! Join na!

For queries on membership, email memcom@upaas.org or go to https://upaas.org/database/index.php to create your UPAAS account.