Scholars’ Profiles

Scholars’ Profiles


Nurturing Dreams, Transforming Lives

There may be myriads of ways to combat poverty and shape a society’s well-being, but education will always have a special place on the list. Its impact is life-long; its significance, priceless. The value that education holds attains a special, profound meaning, if the way it is made accessible is borne out of sheer goodwill, painstaking efforts and solidarity among volunteers.

The scholarship program of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association Singapore (UPAAS), aims to send one student a year to a full time four-year undergraduate course in any campus of the University of the Philippines (UP) system. Covering tuition and stipend, funding comes largely from donations and fund-raising activities among UPAAS members and friends. The scholarship, duly administered by the Office of Scholarship and Student Services (OSSS), under the auspices of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, provides access to quality education to deserving students with limited financial means. To ensure sustainability of the program, the Endowment Fund, which aims to support four students at any given time, is put in place. The scholarship program is UPAAS way, albeit small, in supporting the vital role that UP plays in the development of Philippine society and its contribution to sustainable poverty alleviation initiatives.

Scholars’ Profiles

Kate Lyne Soleil Sta Rita
Bachelor in Elementary Education (Science and Math), UP Diliman
Graduated Cum Laude, June 2018

Barely a month after graduation, she is now living her dream as a Science and Math teacher at Miriam College.

Emmanuel A. Ruiz
BS Electrical and Communications Engineering, UP Diliman
Graduated Cum Laude, June 2016

Emmanuel has performed well consistently, with a weighted average of 1.625 for the 18 units that he enrolled in (1st sem 2014-2015), and on his way towards a bright future. According to him, the scholarship has given him hope to continue his dream to become an engineer and the courage to become a good leader to his fellow.

Cherry Joy F. Tumampo
BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, UP Diliman
Graduated Summa Cum Laude, April 2012 

Cherry is the eldest of three siblings. Her father, a janitor, and her mother, a housewife, struggle to make both ends meet. Cherry is grateful to UPAAS for giving her a chance to study in UP and making her a step closer to her dreams. “The scholarship gave me the chance to explore my potentials and capabilities as I make my way in the university. Without your help, I would not have the opportunity to learn from the best professors, interact with brilliant students and well, have the best time of my life.” She is currently pursuing higher studies in UP Manila and is a DOST scholar for the MD-PhD program in Molecular Medicine. She is due to enter her internship year in July 2019.  Recently, she visited Singapore to grace the 15th Anniversary Dinner of the UPAAS in December 2018. For the full article, please visit

Joey R. Joson
BS Mathematics, UP Diliman
Graduated April 2014

Given that his mother is a single parent raising five children on her own, the grant was a great help to him financially. The UPAAS support has taught him that “despite all the hardships one has been and will be going through, there will always be people who will help you achieve your dreams, just don’t falter along the way.”

Leirald E. Reyes
BS Business Administration, UP Diliman
Graduated Cum Laude, April 2011

Leirald adroitly juggled academics, extra-curricular activities and volunteerism. In her university days, she was the Communications Department Manager of UP Interschool Business Association and a Servicing Officer in UP AIESEC*. While with AIESEC, she went on a Global Internship Pro gram in Bangkok, Thailand where, together with an international team, she helped organized a summer camp for an orphanage of 60-80 kids.

Jonathan Cary R. Aguilar
BS Biology, UP Diliman
Graduated April 2010

Cary is currently pursuing a degree in Medicine. He felt deeply honoured to be chosen as one of the scholars and was profuse in his thanks to UPAAS. The scholarship left a profound impact on him and inculcated a host of values. In his words, “…being a scholar of this grant inspired me to continually remember other people’s sake as well; to inculcate the values of service (bringing back to the people what they invested on us being “iskolar ng bayan”), selflessness, and brotherly concern. This scholarship also taught me to continue pursuing my future; not giving up despite so many trials, and failures. Without this, I would not have been motivated to struggle and face life’s challenges as they were not just from a student’s viewpoint but more importantly as human.”

Kevin M. Corpuz
BA Political Science, UP Manila

Kevin is a proud scholar of the UPAAS for four years. Such support enables him to cope with the financial difficulties on school and living expenses, something which the meagre earnings of his mother who works as a canteen vendor cannot adequately cope. He is ever grateful to the generous men and women who have the heart of giving back to the alma mater. “If the school is the second home, the UPAAS is my second home annex. Not only does the Association support us scholars through its continuous financial assistance program. We also benefit from its large and solid network of UP Alumni who are always ready to provide time and opportunities. We are not afraid to withstand college problems, huge and small, as our titos and titas in the Association are readily constantly available for professional advice and emotional support.”

Kenneth V. Velasquez
BS Compuiter Science, UP Diliman

Kenneth wishes to be part of an organization that will allow him to help others in need. Thanks to the help extended to him by generous hearts.

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