Mutya ng Pilipinas Singapore 2009

Mutya ng Pilipinas Singapore 2009

Who will be the

1st Mutya ng Pilipinas – Singapore 2009?

You could be if you are:

  • A single woman and never been married
  • At least a high school graduate
  • At least 5’5″ tall
  • 18 to 25 years of age, inclusive of both
  • Of good moral character
  • Of Filipino ancestry with at least 1 pure
    Filipino grandparent in your direct or
    maternal bloodline
For application forms:
  Organized by:  
email Denise Simbol at

or visit PNB, 3rd floor, Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road

    in coordination with:  
Deadline for submission of application: May 30, 2009

Date of audition: June 6, 2009

Date of pageant: June 13, 2009

    & in partnership with:  
    Philippine Country Fair,
Department of Tourism,
& Pinoy Village Magazine

Download Application Form